Reflex Library Management Module

  • Automatically Generates Library Catalogue numbers
  • Prints out Barcodes for Books based on Catalogue Numbers.
  • Categorizes Library books by Class, Sub Class and Titles.
  • Keeps Track of the Library, Shelf and Row storage location for each library book.
  • Sends out Email and SMS reminders for late returns and books due for return.
  • Provides an Interface for the Librarian to search for library books. Search Results display the Book’s Title, Author, Publisher, Catalogue No, Status, Volume, Edition, Library (for multiple libraries), Shelf and Row.
  • The Software possesses the option of using a barcode scanner for issuing out and receiving library books.
  • Offers the facility to fine late returns and to setup Library lending policies.
  • Works very well on any Wired or Wireless Network.

Reflex Library Online Search Engine

Reflex Online Search Engine makes it possible for library users to search for library books from their desk using Internet Explorer or any other browser.

  • Results of each search will reveal the availability of the book and its location (e.g. Library, Shelf and Row).
  • Each user will be able to view their library transactions and their list of outstanding books.
  • The Interface will allow library users to view information posted by the librarian from the management module. New arrivals, Library Policies and any other relevant information are examples of the kind of information that the librarian may want to pass across to library users.

Reflex Library Self Serve

The Automated Self Check In and Check Out Module

  • This Module allows users to Check In or Check Out books without the assistance of a librarian.
  • It can be implemented using barcode or RFID technology.
  • Implementing with barcode technology would require that all the books be tagged with barcode labels and users will utilize a barcode scanner to read the catalogue number off the book they want to Check in or Check out.
  • Using RFID technology would require an RFID Tag Reader.
  • Both technologies however will have to work with a biometrics finger print scanner, access control card system or barcode system for the identification of library user’s during the process of checking in or checking out of a book.
  • When implemented with RFID, this module can work with RFID Security gates by deactivating the RFID tags when a book is Checked –Out and Reactivating it when it is Checked In. The gates will sound an alarm when a book is taking out of the library without it being checked out.