If you have the following questions?

  • Is there an application that allows me to supervise my subordinates even when i am not in the office or out of the country?
  • How can we remove the bottlenecks from daily business operations caused by the time taken to retrieve important documents and process them?
  • Is it possible to have a software that allows us to monitor the status of a Client’s job and the details of the work that has been done on it?



  • I need a system that sends me a reminder on appointments, upcoming events and contracts up for renewal?
  • Why can’t office requisition and approvals be made electronically?
  • How can we measure productivity by individual staff members, by department and for the whole organization?
  • How can we get rid of all this paper and reduce our filing cabinets¬† and offsite storage costs?
  • Every version of this contract is different: which is the most recent version? Who was working on it last?
  • I can find anything on Google but I can’t find the proposal I wrote last month – we need an effective document Search Engine!
  • Why can’t we have electronic workflow to share our work and avoid duplication of effort?
  • Everyone has access to my files. I want to restrict documents to only people I want to see them?
  • Why does it take forever to get 5 different approvals on a revised policy document?

Then Paper-Trail is what you need.

Paper-Trail is an easy to use management productivity tool, that is inclusive of a document management/workflow system with a bit of Customer Relationship Management.

It is exceptional in its ability to help businesses make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their business documents, information and processes.

Please fill our “Book A Free Demo” form or call us on +234 1 3429081 or +234 1 818 243 5209. We will be happy to send any of our Sales Engineers to your office to give you a free demonstration of the Software and to answer any questions you may have.