We are pleased to introduce our company, Coniah Systems Support Limited.

We are a fully owned Nigerian Information Technology Company established to provide ICT Solutions that improve corporate efficiency and profitability.

The company was established in January 1997 to achieve the following goals and objectives:


  • To make excellence the utmost goal in customer service.
  • To provide quality ICT solutions at competitive prices.
  • To provide efficient support for every solution we deploy.
  • To use up-to-date technology in conjunction with the firm’s deep resource pool to provide ICT solutions at levels and standards which are internationally recognized yet indigenous.
  • To continue to build a crop of well-trained ICT Professionals.
  • To be known as the Company our employees and customers    are proud to be associated with.

Our ICT Solutions range from the development and deployment of cutting edge Business Software Applications to the deployment of cutting edge ICT Engineering technologies.

We have in place two service units that develop, deploy and support these solutions.

The first is our Computer Engineering Service Unit responsible for all IT infrastructure and communication Solutions while the Software Service Unit is responsible for developing and deploying our Business Software Solutions and Applications.

Both teams comprise of professional ICT Engineers that are trained to deliver prompt and excellent services


To become a company recognised globally for excellence in service delivery, customer service and exceptional information technology products and solutions.


To provide Information Technology products, solutions and services that will Attract , Retain, Serve and Empower our clients to become much more efficient and productive.


  1.  Faith in God
  2.  Customer Care
  3.  Excellence
  4.  Continuous Improvement,
  5.  Integrity
  6.  Fairness
  7.  Team Work